“If this bill moves forward, I hope NIDA, DEA and FDA will seek significant input from experienced cannabis growers as they develop standards for good manufacturing practices.”

A bill that would amend federal law to give states the autonomy to set their own marijuana policies gained a tenth cosponsor last week, and a somewhat surprising one at that.

“10 years from now, this is going to be a multi-billion dollar industry, and 20 years from now, people are going to be saying, ‘What was the big deal?’” said the president of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council.

Medical marijuana for veterans is having another moment on Capitol Hill.

A powerful U.S. House panel that oversees federal drug enforcement efforts approved a bill on Thursday to require the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin issuing more licenses to grow marijuana for research.

The next United States Congress is likely to pass cannabis legislation such as the STATES Act, two congressmen said during a conference Friday, even if Republicans retain control of Congress in November’s election.

Two will vote on marijuana legalization; two on medical marijuana.